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Parent and Carers Guide to NUAST


The following uniform is deemed appropriate and professional for all Year 7–11 students at NUAST and is designed with cost in mind.

Uniform must be worn at all times in the academy buildings unless stated otherwise.

A NUAST blazer

Black tailored trousers (must be loose fitting) OR black skirt (if worn, the skirt must be knee-length and students must wear 60+ denier black tights—no bare legs allowed)

A NUAST tie, worn appropriately (each year group has a specific colour). In Sept 2022 Y10-->11 will keep the current tie. Y8, Y9, Y10 will have the new tie provided free of charge.

A long-sleeved shirt with stiff collar (only white shirts are permitted)

A black V-neck knitwear sweater may be worn

Hairstyles must be suitable for a business environment and must be of a natural colour

Black or grey plain ankle socks

Smart, polished flat shoes with a sturdy sole that can have up to a one inch heel

A wrist watch (smartwatches are not permitted)

One set of discrete studs worn in the ear lobes are permitted

Turbans to be of a plain, dark colour

Only Hijab to be worn (this should be a plain, dark colour)

Make-up must be discrete and suitable for a professional environment

Students must not wear:

Visible tattoos or any body piercings other than detailed in the guidelines above

Words, logos or diagrams on clothing (other than the NUAST logo)

Open shoes, training shoes and flip flops

Sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts (black V Neck only)

Leggings or denim jeans of any description

Extreme hair styles, including unnatural colours

Low-necked tops, vest tops and crop tops

Nail varnish, false nails and false eyelashes

PE Kit

In addition to a NUAST PE top, students are required to have the following items for PE lessons

Plain black shorts or tracksuit bottoms/leggings

Black football/sports socks

Plain black sports jumper (optional)

Plain black sports waterproof jacket (optional)

Suitable sports trainers

Football boots (moulded type)

Shin pads

Plain black woolly hat/gloves (optional)

Hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) will not be acceptable as part of NUAST’s PE kit.

Branded joggers, tracksuit bottoms and leggings are not acceptable.

School uniform is available from our uniform supplier Justschoolwear. Justschoolwear will arrange to measure students at NUAST and uniform can be collected from their shops.


NUAST's uniform is supplied by:


Uniform can be purchased online directly from Just School Wear, please visit the link below.

Just School Wear offer a savings plan to help families with the cost of living. Please click here for details.

Just Schoolwear stores are only open for Collections and Returns, and will not hold any uniform stock. A uniform fitting service is provided in store if you are unsure of which size to order.

Store locations and opening times:

If you have any questions regarding uniform, please contact Just Schoolwear at

Dress code for Year 12 and 13 students

Unlike most sixth forms, NUAST has a dress code that all our students must to adhere to. Students must dress for a business environment.

If you are unsure what will be acceptable, as a general rule think: Would this outfit be suitable for working at a formal professional company like Experian? If the answer is yes then it is right for NUAST.

Suitable clothing includes:

A suit, including blazer & tie

A plain, smart jumper way be worn (no logos)

A smart skirt or dress (knee length or longer)

Tops/blouses/shirts suitable for a professional environment

Smart trousers (no jeans)

Smart shoes or boots (no trainers/vans/converse)

Hairstyles of natural colour

Think…could I wear this to a professional workplace?

In addition to this, every sixth form student must wear their lanyard and ID card at all times (these will be given to you during the first week).

What is not acceptable:

  • Visible tattoos or any body piercings other than detailed in the guidelines above
  • Words, logos or diagrams on clothing
  • Open shoes, training shoes, flip flops or any shoes not suitable for a business environment
  • Wearing sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts
  • Wearing outer coats, hats and scarves inside the building
  • Hair styles with extremes of colour or style
  • Hats or facial coverings
  • Low-necked tops, vest tops and crop tops

Suitability of clothing will be at the Head Teacher’s discretion. Please ask if you are unsure.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn when working in laboratories and workshops. NUAST will provide:

  • A workshop apron
  • A laboratory coat
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection

Laptop and lockers

NUAST has excellent IT facilities. In addition, if required, every student will be able to borrow a laptop or access IT facilities on a daily basis to support their studies. In addition each student can have their own locker on site.


It is an NUAST expectation that every student arrives each day ready to work.

Students should have:

  • Pencil case
  • Black or blue pen
  • Pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser
  • 30cm ruler
  • Maths set (if required on their course)
  • Scientific calculator (if required on their course)
  • Dictionary

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