Welcome to the Mathematics Department

The Mathematics department at NUAST is comprised of eleven teachers with different life and teaching experiences. We each bring our own set of skills to the team and to the courses you will be taught.

Curriculum Journey: Mathematics

Curriculum Intent: Mathematics

We study Mathematics in order to become better at solving problems, arising either from Mathematics itself, or modelled from structures and systems in the real world. Mathematics encourages us to identify patterns, to categorise, and to make logical deductions and predictions from facts presented or assumed.

As part of a STEM academy the Mathematics department motivates students to question the abstract science of number, quantity and space. Our curriculum is ambitious, designed to excite students and develop them into fluent mathematicians who can reason, problem solve and articulate their understanding of mathematical situations. Students take pride in their mathematics, are inquisitive, celebrate mistakes as learning opportunities and apply mathematical skills to Science, Computing and Engineering.

Through our learning journey students make informed decisions about their future employment and education. The mathematical skills gained at NUAST allow students to be successful citizens and contribute to the local and wider economical community, increasing their social mobility.

July 2024


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