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I am delighted to introduce you to the NUAST website and welcome you as Principal. Our aim is to ensure that young people who are passionate about Science, Computing or Engineering have opportunities to realise their maximum potential with us. We offer a clear, hard working ethos in specialised facilities, where students can follow GCSE, Cambridge National, A Level, BTEC and Cambridge Technical courses. Throughout their studies students will have the opportunity to engage with well-known employers and the University of Nottingham.

With a strong a STEM ethos, academic approach, caring pastoral system and the opportunity to develop employment related and leadership skills, we strongly believe that our students will be fully equipped to successfully compete for places in Higher/Further Education or the increasingly competitive job market.

The NUAST staff team is dedicated to ensuring that our strong and caring pastoral system encourages and supports our students to access the excellent specialised facilities and the unique opportunities available at NUAST to ensure their success. Through hard work and effective support, all students will be able to take their place in society as well rounded and well-educated citizens.

Robert White BEd (Hons) PGDE

August 2022


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