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Welcome to English. We offer a rich and varied study of English Language and English Literature from Year 7 through to Year 13.

Our Curriculum Journey

Curriculum Intent

We study English because the transferable skills of this subject are fundamental to everything we do. Skills include understanding how to investigate and obtain information, communication, writing ability, and self-sufficiency.

English at NUAST provides students with opportunities to explore, enjoy and ultimately to excel in this core subject. It underpins our STEM curriculum and enriches experiences and deepens understanding in every subject. English has a pre-eminent place in education and society as it teaches students to speak and write fluently, so they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others. Our students share ideas, listen actively, respond fluently both orally and via the written word becoming effective communicators. Ultimately, we aim to challenge, excite and enthuse our students with a life-long love of both language and literature, while also furnishing them with the skills and confidence they require to apply what they have learned in real-life contexts.

Our curriculum ensures students are confident, articulate and passionate individuals who are well equipped to confidently take their place in society. Every student will fulfil their aspirations whether that be for higher education, apprenticeships or working in the wider community. Our students will leave NUAST capable of confidently engaging with society whilst also questioning what they read and hear to ensure they become interesting and interested adults who stand out from the crowd rather than merge with the masses.

KS3 English at NUAST

The English Department encompasses three main areas of study: English Language, English Literature and Media Studies.

In Year 7, Literature and Language are interwoven to give students the opportunity to develop vital skills needed to succeed in not only these assessment areas, but for the wider world outside the classroom. Students are introduced to a wide range of literary texts: Shakespeare, Modern Drama, Poetry, and the novel. They are also exposed to other fiction and non- fiction texts to give them a holistic experience of the diverse and rich language that we use. All three areas of study are integrated so that they are addressed each year. Students are also encouraged to be creative through producing imaginative writing, and learning to express their viewpoint, which is a core feature of their learning.

English, as a core subject, is recognised as a fundamentally important area of study. We in the department encourage our students to recognise the crucial impact of communication, written or spoken, for themselves and their future, through focused and creative teaching.

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