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Great Mathematicians are also creative

Are you a keen Mathematician with a great imagination and a flare for explaining what you have learnt in a way for all to understand? Would you like to win £100 to spend as you wish? Then why not take a look at the Young Mathematical Story Authors Competition. Entries are now open and close on Friday 29th March.

Simply write a creative, imaginative and engaging story that explains a mathematical concept you have recently been learning in a way that any reader could understand. The idea is to teach a concept to someone that has not learned the topic, through a fun story. So if you think you could explain how to solve simultaneous equations through a crime fighting crew, or lead puzzled pirates through complicated bearings, why not put your creative skills to the test and give the competition a go.

More information and some previous examples can be found on the Maths Through Stories website ( There is also useful template to help get you started. You can also speak to Ms. Munro or Mr. Dow for further information.

Good luck and happy writing

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